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Andrew neil's One Sheet

Andrew Neil is considered an "Outsider music artist” along the lines of Daniel Johnston and is included in Ranker’s list of “Best Outsider Music Artists”, which ranks the top outsider music artists in the world.  When one listens to Andrew play live, one quickly realizes they are hearing something unique, distinctive and very special. It’s a combination of Andrews raw unpolished driving rhythm percussive guitar playing on his vintage nylon string Ovation and his soft yet powerful and emotionally charged vocals as he takes one on an uncompromising musical journey.  Very subtly, one hears influences of Elliot Smith, Anthony Kiedis, Kurt Cobain, Nick Drake, and Daniel Johnston in his vocal delivery and songwriting.  


When someone asks me how I view my album “Freak” The first thing that comes to my mind, is an amusement park.” - Andrew Neil

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