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Andrew Neil

The outsider musician

Some have referred to Andrew Neil and his raw style as "Outsider Grunge Folk," but regardless of how you want to label it, AN is a purveyor of “Outsider Music” that evokes a truly distinct style and sound. Take one listen and you can hear the subtle influences of artists like Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, and Donovan - as well as bonafide outsider artists like Daniel Johnston, a post-Pink Floyd Syd Barrett, and Michael Hurley.

Andrew Neil has written nearly 400 songs since his musical journey began out of the blue in the Winter of 2009. Following a head injury he sustained in a car accident in April of that year, AN started (and continues) to write songs entirely by ear.  Despite having minimal training in performance and music theory, Andrew's music highly resonates with many people.  The most common response to AN music is that while it may be somewhat raw, it remains so authentic and so REAL that it simply sticks to folks. 

Let the new music of Andrew Neil's forthcoming album, Freak, stick to you as well.